We have compiled a list of testimonials, hoping to show you the tragic results that have occurred with the use of a board leash of any kind. Take a look at these injury photos to give you an idea of what might occur if you continue using kiteboard leashes. All of these incidents occurred when the board connected by the leash flung back at the kiteboarder after crashing, and could have been prevented by using a GoJoe 2.0 Board Recovery Tool instead of a kiteboard leash.

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kite boarding leash injury

NEVER use a leash again!

I caught my toe-side edge in a transition and the board leash loaded up and then I was struck in the back of the head with a force that can best be described by the results... Read more >

kite board leash foot injury

serious head injury from the board(RECENT)

Kite board leash with board attached which caused the damage. It was also the retractable type leash which goes to show even they can be dangerous... Read more >

kiteboard leash head injury

13 stitches and a trip to the ER

I am a beginner and got a leash so I would spend less time retrieving my board and more time on it. I was wearing a helmet and the leash... Read more >

kite boarding leash attachment injury

Injury From a Leashed Board at Sherman Island(RECENT)

His board was still attached to his board leash and he was trying to get his board which was kind of stuck... Read more >

kiteboarding leash accident

This was using a REEL leash and yes I've got experience of using a reel leash.

...Used a reel leash for my first year until the leash got wrapped around the casing disabling the reel. My board shot over my head between the lines missing my head by inches... Read more >

kite boarding leash injury

Injury From a Leashed Board

Kite crashed, his board dug into water with alot of tension on your leash, pops out of the water and has no where to go but straight towards your face, mouth, teeth, head, neck, resulting in serious injury... Read more >

kite boarding leash accident

Surfboard Style Leash Attached Death Loops

Not realizing it was the board leash that was connecting me to the kite (wrapped around the bar) so I had a fully powered kite, with no de-power looping like a demon – with no way of cutting the board leash... Read more >

kite surfing leash attachment accident

Board Leash Prevent Chicken Loop From Releasing

There was also some webbing from a very long board leash that was tangled around the CL area, which makes me believe that the CL may not have fully released because it got got jammed up on the webbing... Read more >

kite board leash foot injury

Kite Board Leash Retractable Leash Injury

7pm, light wind - maybe 11 or 12 knots. Equipment: psycho 12.5, Wipika Eclipse board, helmet, retractable leash, is covered in blood. Open fracture, 4th and 5th metatarsals. several months off. Read more >

Kite Surfing Leash Accident

Kite Boarder Dies from Head Trauma

He was later dragged ashore by his kite near the harbor wall and found unconscious and without a pulse...deep coma but some evidence of brain activity was present for several days. He eventually passed away in hospital. Read more >